10 old Porto photos we love (that you probably haven’t seen)

Whether it is a historical landmark, a famous person, or random old pictures of the past – these old Porto photos show you how it all actually looked… 100 years ago. Dive into these captivating old photos of marvelous Invicta.

1. Lunchtime in Porto

To this day, work breaks in Portugal are always around food. As it is any good Portuguese tradition. Long live the old good Portuguese gastronomy!

Publicado por Porto Desaparecido em Sábado, 1 de abril de 2017

2. Clérigos Tower

Let’s go all the way back to the 1900’s with this beautiful picture of our beloved Clérigos Tower. The surrounding buildings have changed a lot. But the structure of the Clérigos Tower is still pleasantly unchanged.

3. King’s national trip

King Manuel II visiting Northern Portugal. Crowds gather to welcome King’s visit in 1908.

4. Women on a horse at the Crystal Palace Gardens

Next time you’re meeting someone at Crystal Palace Gardens, remember this meeting back in 1920.

5. Fishing along the Douro River in 1950

The third-longest river on the Iberian Peninsula is the Douro River. Did you know that Rio Douro translates from Portuguese as the river of gold?

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6. Liberdade Square back in 1960

It’s hard to imagine Porto without the most important avenue in town: Avenida dos Aliados.

7. Serra do Pilar: a great view of Porto

Recognise that bridge over the Douro river? Yeah, that’s right! That’s D. Luís bridge.

8. Narrow old streets in Downtown Porto

A woman could loan some flour to her front neighbor through the window.

9. The Antas stadium back in 1960

10. Shoeshiners in 1965

At this moment in time, they still don’t know that their job will be gone some years from here.

Thanks to Porto Desaparecido for these amazing archival photos.

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