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Porto Neighborhoods Orientation Tours

Are you an expat living in Porto? Or in the process of moving to Portugal? Adapting to a new foreign location can be very overwhelming, but worry not: our Porto Neighborhoods Orientation Tours can come to your aid.

We know all the neighborhood stories, the local cafes with the best snacks, where you can pick up a bottle of Portuguese wine, what the lifestyle might be like if you live here — all of which will give you a real taste of Porto.

  • How many expats are there in town?

  • How much does it cost to live in Portugal?

  • Where and what on earth are your neighbors eating?

  • What's going on politically these days?

  • What is family life like in Porto?

  • What is the religion in this country?

Our Porto Neighborhoods Orientation Tours will answer all of these questions and many more.

Get introduced to your new Porto Neighborhood by locals

New in town? We want to smoother your relocation process. After all, settling into a new home location and feeling at ease is one of the best feelings. We want to contribute to that! Join our Porto Neighborhoods Orientation Tours and receive a crash course on everything that matters:

  • Nearby grocery stores and shopping facilities;

  • Public Transportation in Porto;

  • Free-time activities: cafes, nightlife, museums, art galleries, restaurants, cinemas, festivals, theatres, concerts;

  • Schools and kindergartens;

  • Sports facilities;

  • Social/Healthcare Services;

  • Foreigners-friendly service providers;

  • Other points of interest, like the Post Office or the Bank;

  • The landmarks and the secrets;

  • The economic and sociologic situation of Portugal;

  • Advice on daily life in Porto and the way of life of Portuguese.

Depending on your preferences, we can focus on practical daily life issues in order to give you a realistic idea of what your new life will look like.

8 Reasons Why People Love our Porto Neighborhoods Orientation Tours

  • A fully accompanied tailor-made tour

  • Exclusive access to our tour guide, who can give you undivided attention

  • A proper introduction to your new neighborhood - we know all the places that don't show up on google maps

  • Flexible itinerary around your interests

  • Orientation to daily life in Porto, addressing all your specific concerns, ensuring the visit is effective

  • A Portuguese Crash Course for Foodies

  • Mouthwatering local snacks

  • A considerable time-saver ensuring that your new neighborhood quickly feels like “Home Sweet Home”

Moving to Porto is about loving your neighborhood

By now you may be wondering what happens on our Porto Neighborhoods Orientation Tours.

  • First, we meet virtually to discuss what lifestyle you are looking to achieve in your new neighborhood.

  • Based on the information we receive, we will prepare an orientation visit itinerary, that includes features relevant to your personal interests and concerns. This is a Private Tour, adjusted to your needs and interests, so we integrate specific requests into the tour.

  • Our Customer Service Chef will get back to you shortly to ensure that our plan is properly adjusted to your needs and to set you up on a tour according to your availability.

If you're ready to take the next step, we got your back! Complete the form and our Customer Service Chef will get in touch with you shortly. We've worked hard on making this a 5-star Tour. Let's see if you agree with us!

Peace of mind policy

Let's imagine that you are unable to make the tour. Can you have a refund? The answer is yes.

  • Cancellation requests submitted until 72h before the tour start will be fully refunded (minus the processing fees);

  • Cancellation requests submitted between 72h and 24h before the tour start will be refunded in 80% of the total purchase value (minus the processing fees);

  • Cancellation requests submitted 24h or less before the tour start are not eligible for any refund.

Refunds can only be processed back to the original credit or debit card used in the purchase. Processing fees: 1.5% + 0.25€ for European Union cards and 3.25% + 0.25€ for non-European Union cards.

As part of our "Peace Of Mind Policy", the first two cases listed above are eligible to be converted into Gift Cards. These are issued with the same purchase value, free of processing fees penalty, and two-year validity. They can be used and topped up for any Taste Porto product. They can be redeemed by the customer or regifted.

Local food

We only work with locally owned and operated food establishments.

Longest-running Food Tour company in Porto

Tens of thousands of happy guests, including Anthony Bourdain and Rick Steves.

Experienced Tour guide

We see our guides as ambassadors of the city and you as our guest.

Socially responsible

A portion of the ticket price is donated to a local NGO that helps the homeless people in Porto.


Are you an Expat/Immigrant looking for a Food Tour? DO THIS ONE! I did the Porto Food Tour with Andre! Andre is the founder of Taste Porto! What a great experience! Not only did I learn about wine, cheese, pastries but also about the history and the PEOPLE who contribute/create these wonderful epicurean delights! I would suggest this tour to anyone who not only wants to eat great food (BTW - you will eat a LOT of yummy food) but also to any Expat/Immigrant who has landed in Porto amongst all of the restaurants! Being an Immigrant (Expat) myself and living in Porto it has been intimidating to try and narrow down which restaurants, bakeries, markets, etc. to go to! Andre was SO HELPFUL that he actually catored (pun intended) the (end of) the tour to ME, and MY NEIGHBORHOOD. He introduced me to a local shopkeeper, showed me which restaurants in my neighborhood to go to - AND even wrote up and emailed me the list!
Christine, Porto
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