Discover Mark Wiens' Sandwich Adventure with Taste Porto

Attention all food enthusiasts! Porto is the ultimate destination, especially if you share Mark Wiens’ love for sandwiches. Teaming up with Taste Porto, Mark explored the city’s sandwich scene, uncovering delightful treats along the way. Read on to get a taste of our exclusive Private Custom Tour with Mark Wiens in Porto.

Below is your must-have guide to retracing Mark Wiens’ food journey in Porto. Make sure you’ve had a meal because what’s coming up next will make your taste buds dance!

Mark Wiens’ culinary adventure in Porto Portugal

Casa dos Presuntos “Xico”

This place is a find, ABSOLUT LOCAL’S PLACE! Safest tavern in the city – it’s located right across from one of the city’s largest police stations and all the cops eat there!

“Xico dos Presuntos” is an old-school tavern with fantastic food and ambiance (avoid the toilet!). Their cheeky farmer’s rosé wine Espadal is a must-try, less sweet than others. The “sandes de salpicão” (smoked pork loin sandwich) is the closest you’ll find to a pastrami sandwich, but made of pork, of course. It’s delicious! Don’t hesitate to be adventurous and try some of our more “daring” portuguese dishes such as “papas de sarrabulho” (chicken & blood porridge) and “tripa enfarinhada” (stuffed & fried tripe).

Odds are English is not their forte and reserving a table is out of the question. Just point to things, say “obrigado” and eat outside – we promise it will be fun!

Mark Wiens tried:

A Portuguese dry-cured ham sandwich and a smoked sausage sandwich (marinated in wine and paprika) paired with a glass of Espadal.

O Astro

Renowned for their legendary Bifana, a classic Portuguese steak sandwich enjoyed across the country, O Astro is a family-run restaurant serving this iconic dish with flair. Conveniently located across from the main train station (though not the tiled one), it’s easy to find.

Mark Wiens sampled:

A bite of this iconic sandwich, served with a pint of beer. Also tried “panado sandwich,” “moelas,” “caldo verde” and finished with a shot of honey aguardente for style.

Cervejaria Gazela

Famous for their “little hotdogs” or cachorrinhos, Cervejaria Gazela offers a delightful snack best enjoyed with friends over a beer. While they might have other items on the menu, we’ve never strayed from the cachorrinho. Check out Anthony Bourdain’s episode in Porto – we took him there and he loved it!

Mark Wiens indulged:

A cachorrinho and a “prego” with a pint of beer.

Casa Guedes Tradicional

Not as famous as the Francesinha but still one of the best sandwiches in Porto. It features roasted pork shoulder/pernil covered with the famously stinky yet delicious and creamy Portuguese Serra da Estrela cheese, served on rustic bread. As a sandwich lover, that first bite will remind you that this city is indeed a sandwich heaven.

Mark Wiens savored:

This mouthwatering “pernil com queijo” sandwich with another half a pint of beer.

Casa Expresso

A very simple, typical place. On one side you have the tavern, which is very “rustic”; on the other side, you have the restaurant. Personally, we prefer the tavern because we can see the cook and hear the old men being grumpy about everything. The “rancho” (a typical Portuguese stew) is so good, and served as tradition has it: once a week. This is also a good place to try “rojões” (pork pieces fried in lard and cummin) and, when available, the fried baby sardines are very good too.

Mark Wiens enjoyed:

A rojão sandwich, fried pork liver in onion, garlic and peppers sauce, alongside “rancho” with a half pint of beer.

O Golfinho

For an authentic Porto experience, head to O Golfinho. Right in the heart of Porto, this local spot is known for its friendly atmosphere and excellent francesinha. This is a place that breathes Porto’s authenticity! So, if you’re looking for fancy, look elsewhere!

Mark Wiens relished:

A francesinha paired with a pint of beer amidst the city’s vibrant heart.

Are your taste buds still hungry for more Portuguese flavors?

If you’ve savored the city’s famous sandwiches, why not explore other authentic local dishes and wines in Porto? Consider joining our Private Custom Tour in Porto, where you’ll discover not just sandwiches, but also unique foods that you might miss on your own. Led by our knowledgeable local guide, you’ll experience a side of Porto that most tourists never see, savoring essential elements of our cuisine while learning about the city’s history, architecture, and culture as you stroll through its streets.

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