Our Tried and Tested Top 7 Favorite Restaurants in Douro Valley

Looking for the best restaurants in Douro Valley? If you’ve been reading our Day Trip to Douro from Porto, you already know that Douro Valley stands out as one of the world’s most beautiful wine regions. The region is known for Port, a fortified wine that has been produced here for thousands of years.

Now, let’s shift our focus to the delightful world of Douro Valley cuisine – a haven for traditional Portuguese dishes that evoke the warmth of grandmother’s cooking. And who doesn’t love a bit of Nanna food? Continue reading to find out about our favorite restaurants in Douro Valley.

Restaurants in Douro Valley

We have already told you about the Douro vineyards you should visit on your next trip to Porto. Today, we’ll show you our 7 favorite restaurants in Douro Valley. When exploring the local food scene, be sure to seek out the:

  • Typical sausages and smoked items;
  • “Posta” (huge beef steak served medium rare);
  • “Bolo bêbedo” (drunk cake).

As for places where to have some genuine Douro Valley food, consider these recommended spots:


This is a grocery store run by João who focuses on the smoked items his family produces. They also own the butchers across the street. He is great fun and serves a cheeky, homemade wine. Highly recommended!


This is a brand new wine shop owned by the Noval estate which came out with an exciting new Port this year, the Black Port. Their pairing with artisanal bonbons is very good!


This is a restaurant in Douro Valley serving seriously generous portions of extremely good, homey food. Weather permitting, you should definitely get a table outside overlooking the river.


Toca da Raposa is a modern restaurant, inaugurated in 2011, and it’s located right in the center of Ervedosa village, next to Pinhão. This is a very special restaurant whose cook just won the highest award given by the Portuguese Academy of Gastronomy. It’s a little bit more expensive but the quality of the traditional cuisine served is spectacular. Roasted lamb with Port wine, wild boar stew, alheira (a traditional Portuguese “sausage”), are just some of the delicacies you can have there. The “drunk cake” is particularly famous.


Located right in front of the Foz-Tua train station, Calça Curta is a restaurant that offers the best Portuguese and Douro traditional dishes. From game meat, such as wild boar, to fish from the Douro River, every choice is superb. The “posta” (beef) and the fried fish are particularly appreciated. Add great desserts and a wonderful wine selection to the amazing view of the valley and river, and you get one of the best gastronomical experiences one can find in the whole region. The view here is part of the meal – it’s breathtaking!


This is a simpler yet equally marvelous place, serving wonderful Portuguese sausages and smoked items, and very specialized in “posta” (beef) and roasted goatling, which is an absolute favorite of the Portuguese. We highly recommend it but only if you enjoy strong-flavored meat.


This isn’t really a restaurant, but instead a butchery and not an ordinary one. As soon as you step inside you see all the traditional Portuguese sausages and smoked meats hanging everywhere, but what truly makes this a special place is the host, the man behind the counter and the owner, Mr. Fernando Rebelo. Despite his serious looks, he’s a true storytelling artist and it won’t take long till you break into laughter while he shows you and explains his products. This is the perfect place to buy regional products and a snack to eat on your way back to Porto. You can find it just across from the Pinhão railway station, the red awnings give it right away.

Restaurants in Douro Valley

Whether it is Veladouro or Calça Curta, there’s always something delicious to devour in Douro. So here you have it: our favorite restaurants in the Douro Valley. Enjoy! For more tailored recommendations, explore our Porto Travel Concierge Service.

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