Happy Easter in the city of Porto

Easter in Porto is delightful and it’s the perfect time for a Porto Food Tour! This Sunday marks the celebration of Easter, a significant holiday in Portugal where families come together for a grand Sunday lunch. These gatherings hold immense importance in our culture, making it a cherished occasion.

The extensive family lunch, typical of Portuguese traditions, is a culinary delight with a menu that is truly one-of-a-kind. Allow us to provide a glimpse into what awaits us this Sunday (and Mum will get mad if we don’t eat everything!).

Our Easter Menu in Porto

  • Starters: Folar (cornbread with sausage inside), smoked ham, “Serra da Estrela” cheese, and rissóis;
  • Main course: a roasted suckling pig with fried potatoes and sparkling wine (usually white, but this year we’ll be bringing red sparkling wine to the table!) or an all-time favorite: goatling in the oven;
  • Dessert: pão-de-Ló (an amazing wheat cake with a lot of eggs) and “Serra da Estrela” cheese (yes, also a dessert, because it’s that good).

Pão-de-Ló and Folar are mandatory items on the table. If you want to try them you can find them in almost every pastry shop in Porto. But, if you want to know, we’ll buy Folar at Loja dos Pastéis de Chaves and Pão-de-Ló at Mercado do Bolhão. If you are in town be sure to try some of these delicacies.

Oh! And happy Easter in the beloved city of Porto!

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