Funny travel stories every foodie has been through

Everybody loves funny travel stories, right?

Especially if they show the less glamorous part of traveling, which is, as a matter of fact, an important part of travel itself. The challenge, the adventure, the thrill… that’s the real deal. Here’s to the travelers, the foodies, the itchy feet… may we see each other soon! Until then, check it out this compilation of funny travel stories every foodie has been through. A little laughter is good for the soul. Enjoy!

1. At the airport, Security asks me to open my suitcase. While I slowly follow this order, I start wondering if is there a person in the world who can stand the smell of the 6 kinds of solid cheese I have decided to buy in my last destination and packed in my allowable carry-on baggage. I feel a bit embarrassed right now, but you know what they say: “If the cheese smells like dirty feet, it will taste like Heaven.”

2. Sit down on the plane and the person next to me goes like: “Sorry, I just have a lot of garlic bread and I haven’t managed to brush my teeth”. These are going to be three long hours.

3. I asked to switch seats on the plane because there’s a crying baby sitting next to me. But apparently, that’s not allowed if the baby is yours. Traveling with kids can be…

4. Falling asleep in the flight and waking up feeling trapped because the same person who smelled like garlic had fallen asleep right after and is snoring like a freight train. And now I can’t seem to be able to climb over my sleeping plane neighbor.

5. Also, I smell stinky feet. Why does somebody have stinky feet behind me?

6. Forgot to look at the arrival time at the destination and now here I am, far far away from home, with short sleeves and slippers chattering my teeth and dying for a hot soup.

7. The most important place in the city is under construction and they’ve been restoring it for two months and the whole thing is covered in scaffolding. Great!

8. Walking to the hotel with my bag stuffed with teas, cheese, and amazing local snacks when someone rips it off. Then I realize it was not a person but a monkey that is now showing me its teeth! Suddenly there’s a monkey-gang gathered and they start sharing my food: “Give food back to me, rude monkeys!”

9. Traveler’s diarrhea that requires spending extra time in the bathroom and less time getting to know the city. This possibly happened because I suddenly took the decision of forgetting I am gluten intolerant and ate like a lion in that tinny beautiful restaurant by the river.

10. We all have that travel buddy who doesn’t know how to take a good picture.

11. Comfortable shoes that are not so comfortable after all. Classy!

12. Trying to board the plane wearing the entire wardrobe, just because I don’t want to pay the extra baggage fees that are required since I bought an incredible amount of food souvenirs and wine gifts to the whole family.

13. Missed my flight and this airport restaurant is playing “Single Ladies” by Beyoncé. It’s the hell I deserve!

14. I try to find an alternative. While searching for flights, the website suggests a 47-year-long airport layover. But at least I have plenty of food on my luggage to be eating over the years.

15. Getting home and finding out I left all my shoes back in the hotel.

Hang in there!

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