Why Porto Should Move to the Top of Your Travel Bucket List

Are you someone who appreciates the finer things in life? Do you find solace in the beauty of nature or enjoy sipping on a good glass of wine after a hard day of visiting museums? Well, Porto has got you covered! Here are some reasons why you should put Porto on top of your travel bucket list (although, trust us, this list could easily stretch indefinitely).

Paradise called, you should come over

What to do in Porto


There are countless reasons to put Porto on the top of your travel bucket list. To kick things off, here you can find some of the best seafood the Atlantic Ocean has to offer. Whether you’re craving seafood, oysters, mussels, shrimps, or clams, make sure to include a visit to a seafood restaurant on your Porto bucket list.

include a visit to a seafood restaurant on your Porto bucket list

Rio Douro

Did you know that “Rio Douro” translates from Portuguese as “The river of gold”? Legend has it that the Douro River was given this name because of the golden sun shimmering on the waters. They were spot on! On this Porto bucket list, we gathered our best travel and food tips for a perfect one-day trip to Douro from Porto.

what to see in Porto

Portuguese Craft Beer

Many people visit Porto because they want to know more about the famous Port wine that makes us all so proud. But we wonder if they know that beer is the drink that fuels this city daily. Pssst… Join our Craft Beer & Food Tour and discover a side of Porto that most tourists rarely see »

what to drink in Porto

Clérigos Tower

If you like to challenge yourself in every new city to visit the highest structure, let us tell you that in Porto that means climbing the famous Clérigos Tower. The Clérigos Tower was built between 1754 and 1763 and rises 75.6 meters (248 feet) high above the city of Porto. No other spot in Porto gives you a 360-degree view of the city.

Clérigos Tower in Porto Bucket List

Parque da Cidade

No nature, no future. Parque da Cidade is the biggest urban park in Northern Portugal, with over 80 hectares, and… it is getting bigger: + 6 500 m2 of greenery; + 2 800 new trees and bushes. Taking a stroll in Parque da Cidade never fails to have us appreciating our life in Porto, whether it’s for jogging, riding a bicycle, playing with kids and pets, or, simply, “sit, wait and look”.

what to visit in Porto


Savor the finest Portuguese appetizers or petiscos! Our list includes sausages, cheeses, mushrooms and the classic Portuguese clams (#bolhãopatostyle). Luckily, we have a wide range of favorite petiscos. We even ran a poll on our Facebook page to discover which petisco is your favorite. Check it out!

what to eat in Porto


If you can’t wait to go back to Porto, here’s a local tip: Porto offers a winning combination of quality products at affordable prices, be it food, books, or jewelry. Rest assured, Porto has your shopping desires covered!

why visit Porto

Portuguese wines

Portuguese wine cannot be considered one product but a whole range of products. Despite the country’s small size, varied micro-climates produce wines as light as “vinho verde” and as rich as Port wine. Portugal has been winning quite a few awards for its wines and has enough variety (with quality) to please all wine preferences. Join one of our Porto Food and Wine Tours and our local tour guide will unravel the wonders of Portuguese wines.

why visit Porto


If you want authenticity, Porto is the place to go. No tie or coat is required. When the time is right, we’ll be here (with arms wide open) to welcome you home.

Tickets to Porto already bought?

Let’s imagine that you are coming for a visit to Porto and want to know about Porto’s highlights and savor the local flavors. What should top your Porto bucket list? Hint: A Taste Porto Food Tour.

Taste Porto helps travelers skip classic tourist traps, revealing a side of Porto rarely seen by most visitors. Our team is composed of avid travelers, taste testers, at-home chefs, and cultural explorers. We started more than one decade ago with the belief that food is a cultural expression. We haven’t changed our minds ever since. That is why our guided walking tours are about more than just the food, we want to share the history, architecture, culture, and cuisine of our beloved city – so that you can taste the real Porto. Book your place today and let’s eat our way through Porto!

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