Favorite food and drink pairings in Porto

Food and drink pairings in Porto? We know a few!

We use food to show love. That’s why on our Porto Food Tours, you’ll often be welcomed into cozy local spots where you can dive into authentic Porto flavors. Nothing captures the essence of a culture like the tastes, smells, food and wine of the local cuisine. And experiencing that cuisine firsthand is the best way to truly fall in love with a place.

We show love through food by highlighting tasty combinations and sharing these “nice love affairs” with fellow food enthusiasts. Today, we’re thrilled to share our top 7 favorite food and drink pairings from Portuguese cuisine.

1. Romeu & Julieta

Let’s start with “Romeu & Julieta”. No list of romances would be complete without the story of “Romeu & Julieta”. Forget the love story that went wrong! In Portugal, “Romeu & Julieta” ​is marmalade with cheese​, a mixture of sweet and sour, and possibly one of the best love stories of all time.

The list of love affairs in Portuguese gastronomy is quite extensive and, besides “Romeu & Julieta”, it includes… continue scrolling to find out.

2. Cimbalino & Portuguese Custard Tart

In town, a regular espresso is called cimbalino, named after the famous coffee machines from Porto, the Italian brand “La Cimbali”. As for food pairing, traditional options like the Portuguese Custard Tart are popular. However, for a deeper dive into Portuguese gastronomy:

  • Explore lesser-known flavors, like the limonete, a conventual sweet with a lemony kick. In our view, limonete pairs perfectly with coffee.
  • Be bold and order a typical café com cheirinho (coffee with a scent, meaning coffee with a drop of brandy or aguardente in it).

3. Port wine and almond-based desserts

Before joining our Porto Food Tour, some travelers head out for dinner and, upon arrival at the restaurant, order a Port Wine.

PRO TIP: People often drink Port after a meal, either pairing it with dessert or enjoying it as a delightful digestif on its own after lunch or dinner. That being said, you won’t be surprised if we tell you that port wine marries up very well with almond-based desserts. And the same applies to chocolate. Pairing port wine and chocolate is as natural as bacon and eggs. Give it a try! Also, did you know that our Vintage & Port Wine Food Tour includes a mini Masterclass in Port Wine? 


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4. The very famous “Bifana” and a glass of the oh-so-typical espadal

It is near sacrilege to pair your bifana with anything other than a glass of espadal or a pint of beer. A mix of flavors that will make your taste buds spin.

5. Sponge cake with “Queijo da Serra”

Our guests often wonder: “What’s breakfast like in Portugal?” They sometimes assume we eat Portuguese Custard Tarts all the time, which isn’t true. However, one popular breakfast after Christmas is sponge cake (“Pão-de-Ló”) with creamy cheese (“Queijo da Serra”). Delicious!


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6. Abade Priscos Pudding & Singeverga Liqueur

Let’s just say that some of our guests refer to this super strong liqueur as “Monks Poison”.
As for the Abade Priscos Pudding, it was invented in the XIX century by Manuel Rabelo, the talented abbot of Priscos, located 45km Northeast of Porto. Legend has it that the abbot served this decadent sweet pudding on sumptuous banquets for the royal family, noble families, and other aristocrats, indicating its high appreciation. Myth or reality, this ancient recipe was passed on from generation to generation to become a typical dish widely appreciated. Oh, one little thing to spike your curiosity… lard is one of its core ingredients! Got curious? Here’s the Abade Priscos pudding recipe.


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7. Super bock and the world-famous Francesinha

Once, we asked our tour guide Ricardo: “What’s the best food and drink pairing in Porto?”. His answer: “The most exquisite pairing that I know in Porto, well it is not so exquisite, but I think it works really well: Francesinha and a Super Bock. You need a bubbly drink to clean your palate while you’re having all these ingredients that Francesinha has. And that would be my perfect pairing.”

Keep reading our Q&A session with a Porto Foodie.

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This list could go on forever (pretty much like our love for food!).

Are you interested in discovering more food and wine pairings in Porto?

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We look forward to sharing Porto’s food secrets with you!
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