Best medicine for cold and cough (Portuguese style)

Looking for the best medicine for a cold and cough? Our carrot syrup may not be unique to Portuguese culture, but it’s very well-rooted here. It is one of those home remedies that show the healing power of Mothers (and Food). And truth be told, many Portuguese children have faked coughs just to have this…

Best medicine for cold and cough

Carrot Syrup

Who says laughter is the best medicine has never tried this remedy. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to do carrot syrup for cold, cough and flu.


  • Carrots
  • Brown sugar


  • Finely slice raw carrots into a jar/bottle
  • Add a couple of tablespoons of brown sugar
  • Cover and let it sit for about 30 minutes
  • Wait until the carrot syrup starts to form
medicine for cold and cough

In Portuguese, we call it “xarope de cenoura” (carrot syrup) and it sure is the ultimate immune-boosting drink for grownups & kids alike. If you’d like to celebrate International Carrot Day like the Porto locals do, check out these Portuguese specials.

Lemon Tea

Besides carrots, the Portuguese love their lemons. Another helpful recipe to ward off cold is lemon tea. To get you through flu season, try this lemon tea recipe:


  • Water: 500mls
  • Lemon: 1/2 of its peel
  • Honey: to taste, but the more the better
  • Cinnamon: 1 stick
  • Ginger: grate to taste


Bring everything to a boil. Once it cools down, strain it all, drink and enjoy!

medicine for cold and cough

This recipe can clear your sinuses, strengthen your immune system and is also very helpful if you are suffering from wine flu.

Medicine for cold and cough (Portuguese-style)

We wish you a fast recovery if that is the case. And if you’d like to learn more about local medicines for colds and coughs and dive deep into Portugal’s culture, join one of our Porto Food Tours when you are fully recovered!

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