"Please" in Portuguese and other essential phrases to learn

If you’re planning a trip to Portugal, it’s a good idea to learn some essential Portuguese phrases to enhance your travel experience. Whether you’re strolling through the charming streets of Porto, savoring pastéis de nata in Lisboa, or soaking in the sheer magnificence of the Algarve coastline, knowing a few basic phrases, like Please in Portuguese, or taking a Food Tour can make it easier to get around and charm the locals.

  • How do I say basic Portuguese phrases?
  • What is the most common phrase in Portuguese?
  • How do I ask for a bill in Portugal?

Let’s find out!

“Please” in Portuguese and 5 more keyphrases

While it’s true that many Portuguese are fluent in English, Portuguese people truly appreciate it when visitors make an effort to communicate in their native language. So, here’s a handful of key Portuguese phrases to get you started.

1. Por Favor (Please)

Pronounced: pohr fah-VOHR
Use this polite word when you need a favor or some help from the locals.

2. Obrigado (Thank You)

Pronounced: oh-bree-GAH-doo
Show your gratitude with “obrigado” if you’re male and “obrigada” if you’re female.

3. Sim/Não (Yes/No)

Pronounced: seeng/now
Handy for answering questions or making your preferences clear.

4. Olá (Hello)

Pronounced: oh-LAH
A friendly greeting to start a chat with the locals.

5. Adeus (Goodbye)

Pronounced: ah-DAY-oosh
Use this when parting ways.

6. Desculpe (Excuse Me/I’m Sorry)

Pronounced: deh-SKUL-pay
Handy for getting someone’s attention or expressing regret.

Basic Conversation Starters in Portuguese

Now, let’s dive into some basic conversation starters.

1. Como está? (How are you?)

Pronounced: koh-moh ehs-TAH?
A polite way to check in on someone’s well-being.

2. Eu não falo português (I don’t speak Portuguese)

Pronounced: ay-OO nah-o fah-loh pohr-too-GAYSH
Useful if you need to explain you’re not a language wizard.

3. Fala inglês? (Do you speak English?)

Pronounced: FAH-lah een-GLESH?
Helpful when you’re in need of some English-speaking assistance.

4. Qual é o seu nome? (What is your name?)

Pronounced: kahl eh oo seh-oo NOH-meh?
A friendly icebreaker to initiate introductions.

5. Quanto custa? (How much does it cost?)

Pronounced: KWAN-toh KOOS-tah?
This one’s a lifesaver for shopping or dining out.

6. Onde fica…? (Where is…?)

Pronounced: OHN-deh FEE-kah…?
An additional handy phrase for your shopping or dining experience.

7. Posso ter o menu, por favor? (May I have the menu, please?)

Pronounced: POH-soh TEHR ooh MEH-noo, pohr fah-VOHR?
When it’s time to feast at a restaurant, don’t forget this one.

8. Água (Water)

Pronounced: (AH-gwah)
Stay hydrated with this word.

9. Conta, por favor! (Check, please!)

Pronounced: KOHN-tah, pohr fah-VOHR
Ask for the bill when you’re ready to pay.

Please in Portuguese can open many doors

Even if you only know a few simple phrases, trying to speak Portuguese shows your respect for the culture, so don’t hesitate to learn and use a new language – it can lead to meaningful conversations and stronger connections during your trip to Portugal.

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For additional tips and suggestions, keep exploring our blog. Enjoy your journey in this friendly and beautiful country!

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