The best of 2020, the best of the strangest year

Food Tours weren’t spared by the pandemic. This year we spent less time walking around Porto than we wished to, but there were still some great moments in 2020. Here’s a look at the best of the strangest year.

1. Best conclusion of 2020

I do consider myself a better person when I’m holding a glass of portuguese wine” and other silver linings from 2020. We asked our followers to answer some interesting questions on our Instagram account. Here is a selection from the more than 400 responses.

The best of 2020

2. Most Popular Recipes of 2020

Codfish, oh codfish… Boiled codfish, grilled codfish, boiled and then grilled, fried codfish with peppers, fried codfish with tomatoes, codfish cooked in stews, cooked in soufflés, cooked with rice, codfish served raw with onions and olives, as an appetizer, as a main dish, there is no way for you to escape the king of Portuguese cuisine. These are the recipes that kept foodies coming back for more in 2020:

The best of 2020

3. Prank of the year

It’s been a year unlike any other in living memory, but somehow we managed to laugh in 2020. Here’s a look at our favorite prank of the year.

4. Selfie of the year

In Porto, there are many attractions to visit that can be explored responsibly and without crowds. We took this selfie in one of those spots.

The best of 2020

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5. Most-visited blog post

We are frequently asked: “What is this I keep seeing on restaurants’ menus: petiscos?”. As always, we gladly take on the mission of explaining and sharing insights into the typical and traditional dishes that are an important part of Portuguese gastronomy. For 2020’s mission we take on: petiscos! Here’s a look at the most-read blog post of the year.

The best of 2020
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