Tasting Location #6: Oficina dos Rissóis - Taste Porto

Welcome to Oficina dos Rissóis!

Curious about what a “rissol” is? It’s a popular Portuguese snack often found in cafes (and birthday parties). These delectable half-moon-shaped croquettes come with various fillings such as shrimp, cod, vegetables, or meat.

Commercially, rissóis are normally fried but, at Oficina dos Rissóis, they take a different approach: rissóis are handmade and baked – with many and (all) delicious fillings. Alexandra and Louis, the French chefs and owners, have reimagined the traditional recipe. They use the finest ingredients sourced from different regions of Portugal and combine Portuguese and international cooking techniques. Some fillings require up to 6 hours of cooking! They’ve also crafted a special dough recipe that allows the rissóis to be oven-baked instead of fried.

Have we got you drooling over these tiny pieces of heaven? Well, today is your lucky day, since you’ll try a roasted rissol. Now, present your QR code to the waiter to enjoy a mouthwatering “rissol assado”.

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Enjoy your treat!
Taste Porto Foodie Team

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