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Now that this tour is coming to an end, let’s recall what we managed to do during the time we were together:

  • We began our journey at Loja dos Pastéis de Chaves, indulging in their delectable minced meat pastry;
  • Next, we ventured to Bolhão Wine House, located within the vibrant Bolhão Market, where we delighted in a perfectly paired sardine petisco and a refreshing glass of Vinho Verde;
  • Our culinary exploration then led us to Confeitaria Moura, where we savored the delightful flavors of a limonete, jesuita, and a rejuvenating cup of coffee, which gave us an extra boost of energy so that we could get to:
  • Taxca where we fell head over heels for their scrumptious cured ham sandwich, leaving our taste buds craving for more;
  • Continuing our gastronomic adventure, we arrived at Fábrica da Picaria, where we discovered the authentic and traditional flavors of the beloved Bifana;
  • Lastly, our journey culminated at Oficina dos Rissóis, where we had the pleasure of tasting their mouthwatering rissol.

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