Tasting Location #5: Fábrica da Picaria - Taste Porto

Welcome to Fábrica da Picaria, Porto’s first brewpub

The owner of this establishment, Tiago Duarte, previously worked for one of Portugal’s prominent industrial beer brands, Super Bock, renowned for their light pilsner beer. However, he saw an opportunity to elevate his beer-making expertise and embarked on a journey to create his own unique brews.

This place is part of our Craft Beer & Food Tour, and here you’ll taste a classic and traditional sandwich called Bifana. But before we delve into its details, let’s ensure you have it right in front of you. It’s time to present your QR code to the waiter!

Bifana is one of the main sandwiches in the country, enjoyed from north to south. Bifana is a pork sandwich… as simple as that! Pork belly and shoulder thinly sliced, marinated in chili peppers (piri piri), white wine, loads of garlic and bay leaf, afterward slooooow cooked in this rich, flavorful, and spicy sauce. It seems basic enough, doesn’t it? Yet, everywhere you will try one it will taste different. And this is the beauty of it!

Ask Fábrica’s staff for a beer recommendation to wash down Bifana’s spiciness.

PS: If you would like to know more about Porto’s vibrant craft beer scene you can join our Craft Beer & Food Tour, where you’ll drink 7 Portuguese craft beers, sample 4 local petiscos, and gain access to a local brewery. See you there?

The next stop will be our last:

  • Tasting Location #6: Oficina dos Rissóis
  • Address: Passeio de São Lázaro 5A
  • Working Hours:
    From Monday to Saturday: 6 PM until 10 PM (closed on Tuesdays)
  • Contacts: +351 912 018 587
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