20 Questions with Taste Porto Tour Guide Miguel Lestre

Meet the Taste Porto Team in “20 Questions”, a deep dive into the minds of the folks who bring Porto’s streets to life through our delightful food tours.

Since 2013, our goal has been to reveal Porto’s culinary wonders while staying true to our community’s spirit. It’s not just about the food; it’s about connection, about preserving the traditions of the past while embracing the innovations of the present. As our tour guide Miguel says: “It has been a hell of a ride!”

All our guides are passionate locals who make it easy for anyone to fall in love with Porto. Everyone has a different background (like Miguel, with music) and, therefore, brings something entirely different to the table, quite literally. At Taste Porto, we welcome that because we believe it gives our guests a true local’s point of view and we all take great pride in being ambassadors for our city and its (food) culture.

20 Questions with a Taste Porto Tour Guide

  • Describe Porto in one word.

  • What’s the weirdest food and drink combo?
    Francesinha and Wine.

  • What do you always avoid ordering on a menu?
    Can’t think of anything. I’m not picky!

  • If you could choose any two Portuguese famous people (dead or alive) to have dinner with, who would they be?
    José Mário Branco and Amália Rodrigues.

  • Your friend from out of town is visiting. Where are you taking them?
    I’m taking them to Francesinha Café, a well-deserved walk exploring the city, and some wine tasting at Prova.

  • Do you like cooking? Which dish is your showstopper?
    I love cooking! According to my wife, I make a mean Curry Soya Chunks with coconut milk and white rice.

  • Describe yourself as a traveler in 3 words.
    Avid Eater/Walker.

  • What’s your favorite Portuguese comfort meal?
    Hard question. Cabidela or Pataniscas com arroz de tomate.

  • What’s your favorite petisco?

  • What’s the best travel advice you have ever received?
    “Stay away from Trendy”.

  • Do you have a favorite quote or Portuguese traditional saying?
    De bagaço se vai ao longe.

  • Complete the sentence: “A day in Porto is not complete without…”

  • What’s your go-to coffee order?
    “Um cafezinho cheio, por favor.”

  • What’s your most treasured memory in Porto?
    Playing with my band during S. João, in Avenida dos Aliados. ❤️

  • Do you have any tips for someone who is visiting Porto for the first time?
    Get to know the city by walking it! Find restaurants and/or taverns with locals in them. Talk to us.

  • What’s your favorite Portuguese tradition?
    Os Santos! And S. João wins!

  • What is the most common misconception about Porto?
    That it is “probably similar to the capital, since it’s the second biggest city, and it’s just 3 hours away.” Portugal changes as much as you’re willing to explore it. And a 30-minute drive can make you feel you’re visiting a different planet.

  • What’s the best way to spend a rainy day in Porto?
    The best way to spend a rainy day in Porto, and we do know rain, is to watch it fall from your window, while you open a white wine from Douro, toast some bread and pair both with all the canned tomato mackerel, olive oil sardines and garlic cod you bought on a sunny day.

  • What’s the best spot in town for some live music?
    Hotfive, Hardclub, Rua, Porta Jazz and the improv sessions at ESMAE.

  • What is the secret to being an amazing tour guide?
    I’ll tell you when I figure that out.

20 Questions with Taste Porto

Throughout this interview series, “20 Questions with the Taste Porto Team”, we’ll ask the questions that need asking, uncover the flavors that need uncovering, and maybe, just maybe, gain a deeper understanding of what it means to be part of the amazing Porto community. Stay tuned!


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