Our favorite wine bars in Porto in 2022

Looking for the best wine bars in Porto? The ideal spot to pour yourself a glass of wine after a day in town? In a country that contains so many award-winning wines, that won’t be difficult to find.


There are numerous wine bars in Porto serving up glasses of rich Portuguese wines: from the untranslatable “vinho verde” (a fresh fruity wine from the north) to the wines from the demarcated region of Douro (where Port also comes from) to wines from the warmer and flatter Alentejo region in the south, Portugal has enough variety (with quality) to please all wine preferences.

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Visiting a wine bar is the perfect opportunity to taste wines from the many different regions, grape varieties, and styles that Portugal has to offer. Without further ado, here’s our Top 5 wine bars in Porto.

1. Prova wine bar shop

Prova, Wine Bar in Porto

Light jazz music greats you as you walk through the doors of Prova, a little wine bar in Porto with a huge selection of wines and ports.
The place is perfect for wine lovers who want to get to know Portuguese wines – after all, “Discover Porto by wine” is what Prova is all about. The food is excellent, the wines are excellent, the jazz in the background is wonderful and the staff is super friendly and knowledgeable. There’s nothing to dislike in this place. The sommelier awaits you from 5:00 pm to 12 am. Definitely one of our favorite wine bars in Porto!

2. Folias do Baco

Folias do Baco, Wine Bar in Porto

If you are looking for natural wines and natural food from the amazing Douro Valley, you should visit Folias do Baco.
Folias do Baco is a homey tapas bar and a true hidden gem of the city, right at the heart of downtown Porto (a 1-min walk from the Clérigos Church). This wine bar has a terrific tasting menu and is a great option for vegetarians as well. All the food comes from local farmers and the wine is produced at Folias de Baco winery, located in the stunning Douro Valley.

3. A Cave Do Bon Vivant

A Cave do Bon Vivant, Wine Bar in Porto

In the mood of sharing a cheese and charcuterie board with friends tonight? A Cave Do Bon Vivant is the place! A wine bar with clean, organic, biodynamic, and natural wines that can be perfectly paired with homemade dishes with fresh and seasonal products. Our suggestion is that you reserve a table if you intend to visit it since the restaurant does not have a very high capacity. A Cave Do Bon Vivant is located at Porto’s main shopping street: rua de Santa Catarina. Definitely worth a visit!

4. Wine Quay Bar

Wine Quay Bar, Wine Bar in Porto

A sweet little gem, near the Douro river, with a spectacular view. This wine bar is the best place to start understanding what are the Portuguese “petiscos” and what the verb “petiscar” means for locals.
There is nothing better than wine and nibble some cheeses and chorizos while you enjoy the best view of Porto! Just sit there, order a glass of wine and enjoy! That’s what locals would do!

5. Tia Tia

Tia Tia, Wine Bar in Porto

Tia Tia is a brand new wine bar in Porto, serving modern locally sourced food, natural wines, and records. A winning combination! Their staff firmly believe that people who like to eat, drink and listen to records are always the sexiest. Who can blame them? A must-stop for any food traveler wandering through Porto.

Cheers or, as we say in Portuguese, À Nossa!
Taste Porto Foodie Team

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