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Private Custom Tours

Would you like to connect with Porto in a unique way and see the city on your terms? Our Private Custom Tours are tailored to your individual interests, schedule, and budget – they are as unique as you are.

We craft exclusive itineraries for solo travelers, couples, small groups of family or friends, and students from across the world. Our team of travel designers has the know-how you need and can put together a tailored-made itinerary.

See the city on your terms

A few years ago, our team had to put together a Private Custom Tour in Porto for a very special traveler: Anthony Bourdain.

If you've watched all Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown episodes, you already know that Tony used to connect with the cities in a very unique way.

  • He was known around the world as the guy who’d eat anything you put in front of him;

  • He always arrived hungry to the places he was visiting;

  • He stayed off TripAdvisor and Yelp;

  • Didn't read any guidebooks whatsoever;

  • Always trusted locals on his travels... and very often ended up sharing a drink (or five) with a few of them.

By that time, our team of travel designers put together a special itinerary;

  • Built around particular topics Bourdain wanted to see addressed;

  • Tailored to his interests, needs, budget, and time constraints.

We feel lucky that we got to meet Anthony Bourdain once. He was an inspiration. He still is.

Today there are still not enough words to express the joy we feel every time we have to craft a Private Custom Tour in Porto.

Traveling to a new city can be one of the most exciting adventures we take on​. Helping a visitor make that travel more meaningful and unique is our favorite thing.

Each Private Custom Tour is as unique as the traveler who requested it.

What is included in the Private Custom Tour ticket price?

  • An experienced team of travel designers that will craft a tailor-made itinerary with you in mind;

  • An exclusive local tour guide just for you (or your group) that will help you discover Porto's back streets;

  • Specially selected additional food tastings;

  • Wines from Portugal's many undiscovered regions;

  • A dive deep into the historical, cultural, and architectural view of Porto;

  • A charitable donation to a local NGO that helps the homeless people in Porto.

Good to know

  • We can accommodate food restrictions on this Private Custom Tour in Porto

  • All our Porto Tours are run in English but we can provide Portuguese or Spanish speaking guides upon request, for closed groups. Feel free to ask us about this and more at [email protected]

List of measures to keep you safe

  • Before each tour, your tour guide will proceed to a safe and health briefing with all the information on how to comply with basic infection prevention and control precautions

  • According to the DGS (Portuguese CDC), masks are no longer mandatory in bars or restaurants

  • No physical contact with guests (hand-shakes, kisses, or hugs), which includes a safety distance of 1 meter when possible; even though we are a nation that loves hugs, kisses, and handshakes, we’ll have to keep a safe distance this time

  • Disinfection of all guests’ hands with alcoholic gel before entering the restaurants and after a meal - feel free to bring your own hand sanitizer, but please notice that all restaurants will be able to offer you this

Peace of mind policy

Let's imagine that you are unable to make the tour. Can you have a refund? The answer is yes.

  • If we are notified within 72 hours of the tour we will be happy to offer you a refund or reschedule you on a tour anytime over the next year. We can also generate a Gift Card so you can book it at a later time - for free. Please note that, unless you are rescheduling for a specific date, we will issue a Gift Card that is valid for 2 years. If you decide to proceed with the refund, a processing fee will be charged.

Local food

We only work with locally owned and operated food establishments.

Oldest Food Tour in Porto

Tens of thousands of happy guests, including Anthony Bourdain and Rick Steves.

Experienced Tour guide

We see our guides as culinary ambassadors of the city and you as our guest.

Socially responsible

A portion of the ticket price is donated to a local NGO that helps the homeless people in Porto.


One of the few absolute MUSTS I've ever found. The guides are charismatic, knowledgeable, and very experienced. The tours teach you so much about the city, culture, history, and most importantly, food and drink. There is excellent value to price, and after the tour the whole city seems to open up as you know so much about it and what areas to explore further. The knowledge is also absorbed passively and not simply lectured at you, the whole experience felt less like a guided tour and more like a friend showing you around their favorite city.
Mac, USA
A great way to become familiar with the Porto food and wine scene. There was some very good food, wine/port samples and the portions were generous. The highlight for me was discussing Anthony Bourdain with the company’s founder (who appeared on Anthony Bourdain’s Porto episode).
James, Australia
Andre, the owner, gave the tour and it was fantastic. Not only is he an expert on the food and wine you'll try, but he is also a history and architecture buff. I highly recommend this tour!
Michael, Spain
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