Sincelo: making ice creams since 1980 - Taste Porto

The year 1980 was a good year. For one, André (Taste Porto co-founder) was born in the city of Porto, but that is not the only reason to celebrate. An ice cream parlour in downtown Porto was also born. It was called “Sincelo” (which means icicle in English) and still looks exactly the same today as it did then.

Sincelo is located in downtown Porto, in walking distance from Aliados avenue, São Bento train station, the Clérigos Tower, and our tasting location Guarany.

Want to know exactly where it is? Right… there!

We won’t go into the ice cream flavors as they are a personal choice that can lead to discussions as heated as football, but if you live in Porto it’s very likely that you’ve been there and enjoyed one of them (or more). Other people liked them too, like… Jamie Oliver!

There you go, we just gave you a reason to go eat ice cream without feeling guilty! You’re welcome. 😉

Taste Porto Foodie Team

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