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Queima das Fitas is an old tradition of university students in the biggest cities in the country. Coming to the end of the school year, the students that are on their last year burn the ribbons they have been carrying in their briefcase for the duration of their course.

These ribbons usually have writings from friends and family and it symbolizes the end of one’s studies and entering into the workforce. But of course, it’s not just the seniors that celebrate, every university student comes and joins the party which usually involves drinking a lot of beer and hard alcohol from huts the students themselves built while listening to concerts in “Queimódromo” (“burning place”). Even if the event is not your type, there are other more traditional celebrations this week. Here are two events that you may be interested in joining.

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First, there will be “Cortejo Académico”. Quite a spectacular stroll of thousands of students through the streets of downtown Porto. The students are grouped by their courses (which have distinct colors based on the faculty and university) and often have decorative gigantic vehicles like the ones one sees in Rio de Janeiro for Carnival.

Next in Coliseu do Porto will happen the yearly FITA, the International Festival of Academic “Tunas”. Don’t know what it is? Check this out:

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